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Justice League DARK

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DVD release date Feb 7th, 2017


TV's Constantine Matt Ryan is back on the character, maybe his best performance yet as him. Ray Chase (who?) as Jason Blood/Entrigan was good, as was Enrico Colantoni (who?) as Felix Faust. Alfred Molina as the big bad Destiny was creepy in voice and design. Let's face it, they sometimes digitally alter voices, like here they lower Molina's voice to a grumble (he sounds like 'Pinhead') and when they can do that, it can be anybody's voice. As long as an actor can husky up his voice, he can do Batman. This thing is filled with a lot of relative unknowns, but all do a stellar job. Standout is Nick Turturro as Deadman. When Deadman possess someone his 'New Yalk' accent transfers to them. The older Deadman comics had a 'glow' around folks he borrows, because it is the illustrated medium. But here they show you with sound, cause it's animation. Neat and entertaining idea.

This whole thing was very entertaining, and I really enjoyed it. The character design was strong, the animation was very involved and not anime looking, the music reminded me at times of Hans Zimmer and was quite rousing. I'm not a huge DC Comics fan but this was well done, and filled with surprises, and oh-shit moments, and yes some fatalities. 

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
2 of our heroes are changed in a MAJOR way, and I'm not talking a costume swap out..



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I was thinking about blind buying the Blu. The team is just too awesome.
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Looks like I can rent this from Netflix so I'm going to give it a go. I like Matt Ryan's Constantine and, if I can't have a live action version, I'll take an animated version. It's a shame DC's animation has gone downhill recently but, hey, the team composition interests me (well, apart from Batman - why does everything DC have to feature fucking Batman nowadays???)

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The main team is Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Entrigan, Orchid, and Batman, tho his part is diminished, as is Wonder Woman and Swamp Thing. Other JLA characters appear, some with snippets of dialogue and some as wallpaper.

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REALLY enjoyed this. In fact, I can easily say that this was a far superior viewing experience than any of the live action DC adaptions recently.


It obviously helps that I'm a fan of Matt Ryan as Constantine and he's front and centre here, but I also enjoyed spending time with the characters I wasn't already familiar with. For example, I knew nothing of Deadman and Entrigan, and so the reveals about their history genuinely intrigued me, and it was equally fascinating to watch how they tackled threats. (As Steve pointed out above, having Deadman's distinctive accent transfer to whoever he possessed was a particularly nice touch). On that note, the director deserves a lot of praise for how the action scenes were structured. I don't think any two were the same and it wasn't just mindless punching or blasting - it always felt as though careful thought had gone into which character we'd be following at specific points during each battle and what new elements could be introduced throughout in order to keep the audience engaged.


I was impressed that Jeremy Davies came back from the Constantine tv show to voice the very same character, Ritchie. Also very impressed with how that relationship was resolved in the movie. 

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Constantine's a bastard and they didn't smooth over those rough edges for the movie. If anyone would condemn a friend to Hell "just in case", it's going to be him.


Whilst I think Wonder Woman would have been a better JL character to accompany the JLD team (seeing as most of her origin and weaponry originates from myth and magic), I have to admit to enjoying Batman saying "Hmmmmm" every time something out of the ordinary occurred. 


My only complaints? Not enough Swamp Thing, and Enrico Colantoni's choice of voice for Felix Faust is all wrong. The rest of the cast was taking the movie quite seriously (well, except for maybe Nicholas Turturro as Deadman but I actually kind of liked how odd his vocal delivery was), whilst Colantoni obviously thought he was the bad guy in a Scooby Doo cartoon.


Oh and Superman looks TERRIBLE.



Otherwise? Loved it and would welcome a sequel. 

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The "I have a butler" line at the end of the trailer is purely awful, but I'm an old fan of Etrigan and Swamp Thing, and I respect the decision to give Zatanna some pants to wear. I'll have to check this out.
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I loved how brutal the violence was in this movie.  The comics themselves are always way more brutal than the movies and i understand its cause they have a large audience of children.  But at the same time there's a huge number of comic fans like myself that are grown adults now and love a more realistic violence theme.

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My Blu-ray hasn't come in the mail yet. Fuck everything.
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I played this for my best mate for Saturday movie night yesterday. I try to screen stuff before showing it to him (I respect him enuff to only show him vids I know he'll love--I've known him for over 40 yrs). I like to slyly glance a look his way to see his reaction. This one had me catching him with his hand to his chin, totally engaged with the moment, leaning forward in his seat. He commented how good it was, that the characters were very engaging and well designed, and the music was rousing and enhanced the mood greatly. Without prompting he said this was more enjoyable than any of the (admittedly few) DC Universe he's seen.

Pretty much echoes the comments here.

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It needed more Swamp Thing.
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Originally Posted by Bradito View Post

It needed more Swamp Thing.



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What movie doesn't?
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This was suprisingly good. Legit upset at how Swamp Thing got mercilessly fucked up. Plus Etrigan is dead? Jeez. Faust being a whiny nerd was great and even Batman worked.
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Swamp Thing will be okay. He didn't need that emaciated Alec Holland husk anyway.
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Etrigan got a funeral, I was expecting at least some throw away line about Swamp Thing being ok. No respect for swamp monsters.
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Jason Blood died, NOT Entrigan.

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As I posted Etrigan had died
On the forum known as CHUD
I should of known a nerd would emerge
Crying "NOT the demon, but Jason Blood!"

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I was going to say something but decided not to.
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'didn't see another place to post this note-

The current kid's show animated series Justice League Action has been interesting. Creative and classic character design and good voice talent. sure it's 'wholesome' but..Kevin Conroy does his Batman voice, and this week's episode involved this guy

voiced by Mark Hamill

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The fish?
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This had promise but turned out to be rather pedestrian in the end. When the bar was set so high with the TimmVerse and excellent Dwayne McDuffie (R.I.P.) penned scripts these new animated forays feel so half hearted.

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