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New Zealand earthquake - Page 2

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Nice overview of the science

We got our emergency kit ready today. Surreal feeling, packing a bag with spare clothes, sleeping bags, first aid, torches etc and food for three days.

That building that may or may not collapse is on my daily walk to work. It's literally 100m from one of the most earthquake safe buildings in the world, the MOH building which is fully quake isolated. My building got the all clear today. Mixed feelings after seeing the allegedly safe buildings get rooted. Oh to be in the MOH building smile.gif
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So, aftershocks when on the 16th floor aren't as much fun as you'd think

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Yeah I don't envy you that at all.  I homestly can't even remember the last time I was in a tall building.  Good idea to sort out an emergency kit.  Also putting car keys on a hook next to the front door might be smart too.  It wasn't until I was standing outside that I realised I'd have to go back in to get the keys.

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How are those shakes going today chaps?
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Big bag of arse. Had a sizeable mover just after 10.  Looking at GeoNet they seem to be moving up towards Welly.


That building on Molesworth St is scheduled to be taken down.


Went for a run along the waterfront this morning.  A) Was scanning to see what my nearest tsunami evac was and b) parts of it look rooted. All cosmetic I think, around the flash points that are designed to move.  Still freaky though.


And here's a video of just how fucked SH1 is near Kaikoura. Guy drives till he physically can't anymore.. because the road has jumped over a meter up.


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Yeesh, they've been battered up that end of the South Island the last few years. I was over at Golden Bay after the massive storm and flooding in 2011 and the landscape was mad-scarred then, with huge slips blocking roads and entire farms stripped of their topsoil, broken trees strewn randomly about the joint, but the quakes have obviously done much worse.
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"Evacuated"? As in, they let people go back in there THEN realized they were unsafe?
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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post

"Evacuated"? As in, they let people go back in there THEN realized they were unsafe?


Oh yes.  And more evacuations today as well.

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Originally Posted by Andy Bain View Post

Oh yes.  And more evacuations today as well.

Wait ... does this mean they're letting people back into buildings before the assessments are complete, then evacuating upon completion of the assessment? Or are they letting them in after clearance but doing re-checks each day and finding new stuff that wasn't there in the first checks, because new stuff is shook loose by aftershocks?

Because if it's the former, WHYTHEFUCK?
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Looks like the former. For the college it was cleared for use, while engineers did further checks then they found cracks in the stairwell.

Housing NZ was given the all clear then staff noticed the floor was on an angle.

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Yeah, it almost seems as if Justin Lester has been engaging in some good old "Mayor Larry Vaughning". They do seem to be doing rechecks after aftershocks though, so maybe it's a combination of both.

And look on the bright side -at least you're not in Kaikoura.
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NZ World Of Warcraft player tries to keep playing during earthquake and eventually realizes that it's a BAD IDEA.


Meanwhile, his friends simply don't give a fuck.



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Aaaaand another building evacuated, 2 weeks after the all clear was given

Fuck this "she'll be right" attitude we seem to have.
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It's more than just embarrassing, it's bordering on criminal. When the horseshit "she'll be right" attitude leads to the slow rot of leaky buildings that's one thing, but when it could lead to collapsing buildings that's a whole other level of incompetence.
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