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The Alamo Drafthouse, NYC Edition

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After five goddamn years of waiting, of schlepping up to fucking Yonkers (no offense, but it's not technically New York City, Tim League), a delay in getting the liquor license...the Alamo Drafthouse has finally arrived in Brooklyn, and I must say, it is a breath of fresh air. Great bar called House of Wax, excellent seats, interesting line-up (saw a great little film called Ms. 45) and best of all, at least for me, 20 minutes away on one train (as opposed to twoish hours to get to Yonkers). 


Thought this could be a place to post your Drafthouse experiences and also inform fellow Chewers of any cool screenings or meet-ups. Anyone else been?

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We plan on checking this out before the end of the year - our schedules are a little tight around the holidays and with work, but you're right, Brooklyn is much easier to make it to than Yonkers. 


I'm curious to see how the Drafthouse does in a market that already has places like Metrograph and Nighthawk, both of which have the "booze and movies and eats" vibe. 

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I'm more curious to see how their 'no talk or text or we'll toss you out' policy, on account of, well, NYC.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to programming.
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As a long time Brooklyn resident, my wife and I are just waiting for a good night to snag a babysitter (and dependent on what's playing) and then invade this place with a group of friends. Can't wait.
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