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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post

The defense is an issue, but I think you would see CJ become a lot less effective without Lillard drawing doubles and the defensive focus.


Counterargument to that is McCollum balled out when Lillard went down, but their schedule was charmin soft then as well. They would be better served beefing up their frontcourt defensive presence, I think. Breaking up a backcourt that effective on offense, it would be hard for them to get better on balance.

It's hard to say. Portland is in a bad situation with their salary bill being so high and the amount of holes in their team being so high. I want CJ and Lillard to succeed, but it's looking like they need a trade to change up their roster and the only valuable and IMO expendable piece is McCollum. Nobody is taking Evan Turner's contract.


Did y'all see the Knicks tweet about the Oakley situation? Wished him luck with his arrest and to "get well soon", basically implying he has mental issues. Fucking classless.

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I mean, you are definitely correct in that McCollum would fetch a huge price, and Dame is untradeable. Blowing all that money on Crabbe and Aminu is what killed them, from my understanding the Turner contract is just money out of pocket and never really affected their cap projections. Although loading it up like that makes it unmovable, soooo...


I think they could probably move Aminu and get something, if he can just knock down some threes. A big if, I guess.

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That is the tough part. A player like Aminu can be great, but he is inconsistent. When he and Crabbe are on, Portland looks amazing and when they are off, they look like hot garbage. 
I fell in love with the potential of a player like that with Wesley Johnson back when I was trying to keep hope alive as a Laker fan. So much potential , so many flashes of brilliance. Problem is, day in and day out he underperformed. Now he is buried on a Clippers bench when they are desperate to find a guy to give them productive minutes. 
Baketball is such a chemistry sport. These guys are all skilled, all athletic, all amazing athletes. But getting them to work together and play winning basketball is much easier said than done.
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Consistency is what separates the stars from everyone else. On any given night damn near most NBA players have the underlying talent and skill to go off. Doing that night in and night out is incomprehensible to me. I work a lowkey desk job, absolute cakewalk, and I struggle mightily to bring it every day. 

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Mr. Markley at the Bank Jackass.


Shaq aint gonna make it to June, bet.


Special shoutout to my mans Dipo fear is the mind killer

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So James Dolan was on New York radio. On Oakley he theorized:


 He may have a problem with alcohol.
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Dolan & Donald, the masters of projection.


Ay Molt your a Golden State guy, does is warm your cackled heart to see Barnes succeed as the first option in Dallas? I hope so. We are all super happy to have him here, it gives us hope for the cold Wasteland World without Dirk.

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GS basically traded Barnes and Bogut for Durant, so we're doing fine. I don't think people ever disliked Barnes; he just wasn't going to mature with the Warriors, and a huge upgrade was available.


Plus, I like Cuban and I know any success he has rankles the NBA, so good for them.

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Gotta be real, was adamant that GS move on from Barnes after the Finals (and boy did they!). But I'm glad he's found a home in Dallas. Always seemed like a good guy when he was a Warrior.

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Durant with the statement game last night. Those KOWARD shirts were on point though. Too bad OKC is a shooting wing away from being any kind of threat in the west. I forget where I read the article but they were talking about how absolutely insane Westbrook's numbers would be if he and Harden switched places. All that space.


Speaking of the Blazers as we were earlier, they just traded Plumlee for Nurkic and Memphis' first round, so I guess they did have a tradeable asset outside of McCollum and Aminu. That's three first round draft picks for this year. The Ringer had a good article about it:


Olshey's one of the best GMs in the NBA. I really think he's going to use those picks to load up this team. The article was talking about Butler, but I think the Celtics and Suns can put together better offers. I think it might be smarter to go through the draft, but the strength of this draft is really guards. The Sixers are starving for picks and Noel would be a nice cylinder to put into that gaping circular hole they have in their defense.

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My man Beaks: "These Wizards aren't as exciting as the Arenas/Jamison/Butler teams, but they're better. They could make a deep run."

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I like the Ibaka move by Toronto.


Wiz are now my go-to squad in 2k, they get it done. Need to address the bench tho, swinging a trade for Lou Will would be nice.


The East is heating up!

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NBA TV is playing the Dunk Contests starting with 2000 (aka VINSANITY), starting at 6:00PM!!!


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My boy Eric Gordon.

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Worst dunk contest ever? Even the dunks that were made seemed like a variation of the same dunk.

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J.R. Rider rollin' over in his grave.

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Fans aren't the only ones who weren't impressed by the Slam Dunk Contest. Kyrie Irving also felt the whole event fell flat.

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lol flat Earth. Some of these guys are really dumb.

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Are you trying to say that forcing Kyrie to go to Duke for a year did not cause him to become a scholar? Like, perhaps neither he nor the university ever had any interest in him being a student?


Or are you saying that he is definitely qualified to be our future President?

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Cousins going to the Pelicans for picks and assorted junk.

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Horrid trade for the Kings.


If Pelicans get that 8th spot they'll lose to the Warriors, but it's gonna be a rough opening series.

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This is an all-time heist.
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"One final flop from Vlade"

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Im am dumbfounded that this was the trade. Its going to be like the 15th pick in the draft + Buddy Hield for the best center in the NBA. Probably not even a lottery pick! Its even a top 3 protected pick, so if the Pellys dont make the playoffs somehow and luck out with the ping pong balls they keep the pick.

Wasnt it just last week Hield punched Cousins in the balls. Vlade must have been like "I LOVE THAT FIRE!" Would anybody be surprised if Hield turns into the biggest bust of this draft? He now gets to follow in the footsteps of other Sac sharpshooters such as Ben Mclemore, Jimmer Fredette and Nik Stauskas.
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I mean, if youre the Celtics, you wouldnt give up a Brooklyn pick for Cousins? Isnt that a much better deal than what Sac got? Put Cousins on the Cs and they are a legit finals threat.
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Cousins is a bona fide nut. I totally get Vlade finally coming to terms with that and hitting the restart button. But the return on this deal is appalling.

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Cousins is a nut, but theres no denying his talent. Plus Sacramento has been so disfunctional for so long I cant put all the blame in Cousins lap. I never thought Cousins was long for Sac, but you have to get more in return. You have to get a blue chip player or draft pick and they got neither.
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That frontcourt is haunting Steve Kerr's dreams at the moment.

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Most exciting Twin Towers since Duncan and the Admiral. New must watch team.

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