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Trump's easily going to serve at least 4 years, because the next midterms are going to require a full cleanse of the Democratic Party.

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Gillibrand, at least, has been toeing the line - even voted against Mattis, the only one to do so. No votes on all of the Trump appointments to reach the full Senate. But she's it.


Gonna have to look into Pete Buttigieg as an upstart candidate for DNC Chairperson. Mayor of South Bend, Indiana - doing really well at the debates, and at least he's got the right idea here:


That being said - yes, it probably is time for the Left to pull its own Tea Party-style takeover of the Dems from the ground up. The Womens' March didn't have shit to do with the Dems, and that was literally got 1 out of 100 Americans to show up. For too long, it's been the "Dems fall in love, Repubs fall in line" style of politics, and that's worked for the Repubs. Right now, we're looking for a leader to tell us it's going to be OK. There isn't one. We have to get into the trenches, start going to party meetings, and work our own ways into control - starting local, then going national. That's what I've started doing.

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Originally Posted by Schwartz View Post

I completely do not understand why you would doubt that. Even if they are not openly enthusiastic about getting back to torturing people (you know, as Trump has been), of course they are going to prefer as much latitude as can be given to wage the campaign as they see fit.



Believe it or not, most people in the Military and the Intel communities (which are now more or less the same) aren't all torture happy Nazis. 


People who have survived actual combat prefer to avoid getting into more wars, and most competent Intel officers know there is little value to information gleaned from torture. 


Hell, Trump's SecDef convinced him that giving a prisoner a pack of cigarettes is a more effective way to get info, and Trump deferred to him (in public). 


The broader point, about the military wanting latitude, is valid, but the original post was about waterboarding. 


Originally Posted by mondguy View Post


That reminds me of so many think pieces the day after the Women's March, questioning the ideological purity of participants.  For fuck's sake, when things are this bad, and on the verge of getting worse, stabilize the patient FIRST, then treat the paper cuts.  That's not to say there are no points to be made, but PRIORITIZE THIS STUFF.  


Jesus. Think pieces are more and more devoid of all thought. 

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Clinton Campaign manager Robby Mook has started a consulting firm with Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski:


Nuke the party.

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Turns out Mook never signed on for it. It was an idea openly floated by the agency.

ETA: I realize the link is the same. The original story was updated.
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Thank you, Sam.


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I'm behind on all of the murmurs about Franken in 2020, but I was thinking the same thing, which is why it probably won't happen. That aside, I'm glad he's emerging as an important voice within the Democratic party. That's four now: Warren, Sanders, Schumer, and Franken. 

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Someone under 60 would be nice.
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Someone who knows what the fuck they're doing irrespective of their age would be better, 

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Personally, I'd keep an eye on Chris Murphy of Connecticut. Progressive hero for the gun control filibuster, very aggressive during these confirmation hearings, lots of foreign policy credentials, and he's only 43. He, Kamala Harris, and Kristin Gillibrand seem to be the big "young guns," since there's a substantial chunk of the progressive wing that really fucking hates Cory Booker.

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Murphy didn't impress me when he first ran for Senator; I think he won just because his opponent was the unelectable Linda McMahon. I'm glad to see that he's turned out to be decent.
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So a major Democratic lobbyist just shot himself. 



Evan Morris got his start as an intern in the Clinton Administration, became a major lobbyist for Genentech, and apparently embezzled tens of millions of dollars so he could have memberships at 8 golf clubs around the country, a speedboat made out of mahogony (!) and a cellar full of $1,000 bottles of wine and cigars. 


"Mr. Morris and his wife, a former schoolteacher, made more than $125,000 in personal campaign contributions from 2003 to 2015, the records show. The couple donated to nearly 50 lawmakers, almost all Democrats. Mrs. Clinton was a top recipient.

Mr. Morris helped the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, a Washington trade group, hire Mrs. Clinton to address its 2014 annual convention. She was paid $335,000, records show. He arranged donations to the Clinton foundation of between $110,000 and $275,000 from the Roche Family Foundation and Genentech, public records show."


This guy was on the Democratic Fund raising committee for the 2016 election, and expected to be named an Ambassador to Switerland if Clinton won. 


One of those lobbying efforts for Genentech involved a drug that was meant to treat breast cancer, but didn't. The FDA was about to withdraw approval of the drug, citing lack of evidence it worked and adverse side effects, but Morris successfully lobbied them into approving it (using fake grass roots organizations). 


This is why people hate the Establishment and believe it's out to get them. 

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Where did he shoot himself?
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Glenn Greenwald editorializes on the need for the Democratic Party to get its act together if it's going to serve as any kind of bulwark against Trump, and the Party's reluctance to learn any lessons from the 2016 election, by introducing one of the leading candidates for DNC Chair.
Perez was in Kansas campaigning for votes from county leaders and was asked about the need for the party to retain the support of the Sanders contingent. Perez unexpectedly blurted out a truth that party functionaries to this day steadfastly bury and deny even in the face of the mountain of evidence proving it. This is what Perez said:

"We heard loudly and clearly yesterday from Bernie supporters that the process was rigged and it was. And you’ve got to be honest about it. That’s why we need a chair who is transparent."

That’s quite an admission from the party establishment’s own candidate: “The process was rigged.” And he commendably acknowledged how important it is to admit this — “to be honest about it” — because “we need a chair who is transparent.”

But Perez’s commitment to “transparency” and “being honest” had a very short life-span. After his admission predictably caused controversy — with furious Clinton supporters protesting the truth — Perez demonstrated the same leadership qualities that were so evident when Zaid Jilani asked him about Israeli human rights abuses.

He quickly slinked onto Twitter with a series of tweets to retract what he said, claim that he “misspoke” (does anyone know what that word means?), apologize for it, and proclaim Hillary Clinton the fair and rightful winner.
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Originally Posted by Bradito View Post

Where did he shoot himself?


Ha he went out in style. A lawyer from Genentech flew out to DC to meet him (they'd gotten anonymous letters outing the scams), Morris ran out of the meeting before the lawyer could fire him. 


Then Morris went to the Country Club closest to him, ordered an expensive steak dinner and $100+ bottle of wine, bought everyone in the place a drink, then took another bottle out to the golf course where he say in a chair, drank for a while, then shot himself in the head. 


He left a note saying "do not resuscitate". 


If only more of these people, plus Wall Street Bankster, plus Terrorists, did the same thing without having to be found out. 

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I like his style.
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Oh for God's sake no. 


Hillary Clinton Is Running Again

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That article literally uses "Return of the Jedi" as part of its argument (saying that Clinton is going to "fly casual" as a strategy). It's 100% grasping at straws, and it was based on fake news - that the Clinton Global Initiative announced in November it was ceasing operations (real news: the CGI is scaling back its operations, which was announced in August). There is no "there" there. She's writing a book - which, why not? There are rumors of her running for Mayor of NY - which the article says is some Machiavellian scheme to keep her name out there as someone with an electoral future, which is pretty nonsensical if you think about it for a second.


Could Clinton run again? Sure. But I feel dumber for having read that article arguing she is. It's just speculation and clickbait.

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I think a better headline for that article would have been "Here's a Bunch of Bullshit."

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Clinton's name is now garbage, as is the Bush name. Do I think she should be president right now? Of course, but she lost an election that one could argue she was morally bound not to lose even if it wasn't 100% her fault. So while I may occasionally reference the misogyny-fueled, double standard absurdity of the 2016 election cycle, I don't give a shit about her beyond that. She's done. 

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Also, not for nothing, but Nancy Pelosi needs to be told to take a fucking walk. She's tapped out. 

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Originally Posted by Reasor View Post

Glenn Greenwald editorializes on the need for the Democratic Party to get its act together if it's going to serve as any kind of bulwark against Trump, and the Party's reluctance to learn any lessons from the 2016 election, by introducing one of the leading candidates for DNC Chair.

Remember when Greenwald burned all his credibility when he had that chucklefest with Tucker Carlson about Russian involvement with the election? I do.

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The Clinton Global Initiative could have just as likely downsized because Hillary is finished running for office, and there's no more access to a future President for the Initiative to sell.
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If Hillary runs again, all the people in my neighborhood will be pleased that their bumper stickers won't be so anachronistic.
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Many Democrats are hoping that the party will get its shit together since Tom Price's seat will now be up for grabs this year.  Trump won Price's district last year by one point.  


Jon Ossoff is the Democrat running.  He was the CEO of an investigative firm that documented and exposed corruption.  Sounds like someone we might need for the next few years.  Here's his site:


Also, John Lewis endorsed him.

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Anti-Trump protesters don't care about his Russian ties. They've got a much bigger agenda -


But among both the organized and spontaneous protests that have swelled nearly daily in the nation's streets since President Donald Trump's inauguration — for immigration, for women's health care, workers' rights or any number of other causes — Russia is largely missing from the program. Instead, many organizers dismiss the focus of the Democratic Party and the media on Trump's Russia ties as a distraction from the real problems facing everyday Americans and, at worst, as an excuse not to reform the liberal party in alignment with the populist demands of its base.

Pure idiocy. In case you're wondering, THIS is why Trump will serve two terms.

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"Swords?  Who needs swords?  If we can't kill this dragon with sticks and rocks we should just burn the village ourselves!"

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Originally Posted by Schwartz View Post

"Swords?  Who needs swords?  If we can't kill this dragon with sticks and rocks we should just burn the village ourselves!"

Imagine living through the last year and learning nothing.


I'm starting to think "populist" might be a euphemism for "self-absorbed dumbfuck."

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Why downballot races are important:



But on Friday evening, less than two months into his tenure as Maricopa County sheriff, Paul Penzone unveiled his first major policy announcement: MCSO jails no longer would detain individuals for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


All inmates, legal residents or not, will be released from jail when the period of time for detention authorized under Arizona state law is up. Until Friday, the jail would issue courtesy “detainers” for the federal government, jailing individuals for up to 48 hours longer than they would otherwise be held for their criminal case, and setting in motion deportation proceedings.


Penzone’s statement at a hastily arranged event underscores a remarkable procedural shift from his predecessor, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Rather than leading the charge against illegal immigration, Maricopa County likely is now the only county in the state to reject one of ICE’s key partnerships with local jurisdictions.


A Democrat beat Sheriff Joe Arpaio in November, and that will hinder Trump's plans, at least, a little bit.

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Originally Posted by Iron Maiden View Post

Why downballot races are important:



A Democrat beat Sheriff Joe Arpaio in November, and that will hinder Trump's plans, at least, a little bit.

I didn't realize Arpaio had lost. Fantastic.

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