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Gamer News: Goldeneye 007 Gets Reloaded

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by Jon Cassady: link

GoldenEye, a classic Bond game, gets a new and shiny remake.
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Anyone play this?  The Knockout threads had me go looking for this on my PS3.


Is it worth the time?

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I've played the Wii version.  It's fun -- basically GoldenEye with Call of Duty gameplay.

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Redboxed it on the 360 and wasn't a big fan. It certainly plays like CoD, but it's not NEARLY as good as CoD and not as good as my memories of the original. Layouts are familiar, but totally different than the N64 game. Some "little things" from the original I really miss. Like the MASSES of guys that would corner you in a room, or the fact they always had different faces.


If you see it super cheap you could certainly do worse, but also better.

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It's not very good.

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On Wii?  It's very good. 

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On PS3 it's very underwhelming.

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My Wii has been on the fritz for months.  It refuses to play any discs and when watching Netflix or Hulu it will randomly freeze up and emit a loud, constant tone.  I have switched over to the PS3 for all my Watch Instant choices and been trying to decide if I want to get a Wii U.


All that to say the option to get the Wii version may be off the table.


As of last night I have played exactly three FPS's in my life.  Goldeneye 64, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and for an hour or so last night Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  It was the first game I have played on the PS3 as I am in no way a gamer and for the life of me I couldn't figure out the dual analog stick controls.  I was barely able to move around properly and if not for unlimited lives and checkpoints I doubt I would have made it past the first level.


The controls with the Wii Remote for Metroid I felt were unbelievably intuitive and easy to use and I quite enjoyed it and would not mind playing more FPS's on the Wii.  However I am not certain, unless with more time it becomes easier, I would do so with Dual Shock controllers.  Not that I meant to turn this into an "old man starts playing video games thread" but I can get a used copy of 007 for about $28.  I may need to just save my money as I fear the nostalgia may be worn quite thin by the changes made to the game.

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Yeah man, it might be time to jump on that dual-analog thing.  It's good to hear that 007 is a solid entry on the Wii .... but if you're gonna play FPSs on consoles you have three tacks you can get on:  BF3, COD, and Halo.  You have to learn how to use a dual-analog or a mouse if you're going to commit to spending serious time with FPs games.  If you had a good time with Wii FPs games you can get a Wii new for $130 soon and they're like $60 at pawn shops now.  If you want a 007 game for PS3 or 360, I would hold out for 007 Legends, because the multi-player on Goldeneye for PS3 is seriously wack compared to other AAA titles.

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I don't doubt that it probably is, but as a Wii controlled game, as a loving remake of the Goldeneye 64 nostalgia with Craig in the starring role?  It's an excellent Call Of Duty style James Bond product. 

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I remember playing the original game on the GameCube back in the day with the guys. Great game and good times.

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Originally Posted by RaZoRLeGaCy View Post

I remember playing the original game on the GameCube back in the day with the guys. Great game and good times.

The original game was on the N64, not the Game Cube. You're thinking of Everything or Nothing.

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Goldeneye and Perfect Dark 4 player split/screen...Endless good times on the N64!!


So much so that I've never dug them out again in the last years. Even though I've still got the console and games....don't want to dull those rose-tinted glasses eh wink.gif


And yeah, if you want to get into console fps you must master the analogue sticks...It gets better the more you practice mate!! I remember the first time trying to play a fps on console after only playing on pc before...Oh man, I spent 80% of the time either looking at the floor or ceiling...never where I actually wanted to does take a while but you do get used to it  =)

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I recently had a "game night" with some friends and revisited the OG Goldeneye(then we moved on to Perfect Dark, then Timesplitters 2). The rose-tinted glasses SHATTERED. The game still looks okay, it was always blurry and blocky, all N64 games were to an extent. But damn, I was not expecting the framerate to be so atrocious in 4 player. I have no idea how I manually scored headshots all the time back in the day. Just really, really bad.
Perfect Dark* was a slight improvement in that department, but only without Sims. Both run a bit better in solo. Then we popped in Timesplitters 2 and it ran like a dream. I really think the stylized graphics and amazing framerate have allowed that one to really stand the test of time. Sure FPS have made great strides since then, and a lot of the single player objectives make NO sense, but it's still a lot of fun in multi. Gotta love that mapmaker, too.

*The Xbox LIVE remake of this is pretty sweet. The game certainly shows it's age, and it's not very pretty, but it's HD and runs smooth as silk.

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Not going to lie, many people in my area didn't get Timesplitters 2.  It wasn't till I moved to Texas I had some people to throw down with.  Game was a blast.  Total gem. 

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