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A warning means that hurricane conditions are expected whereas a watch means that conditions are possible.

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This is awful. 400 dead in Haiti.

My thoughts (as much good as they do) are with everyone near.
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We're just about clear right now, and honestly, we caught a huge break late last night when the storm jogged to the east.  That kept the hurricane force winds away from us, and while we got some good strong gusts and have had steady wind and rain all day, it seems the worst that happened is some power outages and a few trees down.  We're still under curfew until 7 AM tomorrow (although they may lift that if conditions continue to improve), but the whole town is pretty much shut down all day anyway, so it's not like there's anywhere to go.

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You should still go to Jacob Singer's and drink all of his beer.
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Hey look at that, they're lifting our curfew at 2:00.  Time to joyride on the toll-free expressways!

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Happy you (and Orlando) dodged a bullet.  Gotta keep those Disney/Universal rides up and running for me next month.

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My office and some of my family live in Melbourne FL, they were going to get destroyed in the originally projected path, so a lot of people came my way to Tampa. Looks like we got really lucky. 


Tampa wasn't really affected much, it's still a bit windy but earlier this morning it was so calm ... it was a bit surreal.

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Just watching the footage. Glad you're safe Richard.
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Most of the money shots you're seeing on the news are from the coastal counties.  We never saw anything close to that in my neck of the woods.  Although there are some interior counties along the St. John's River that got it bad because the storm surge played hell with the river and the lakes it feeds through.

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