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OzRod A gentleman/lady

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1/24/17 at 12:05pm D.T. Forum post: Trumpocalypse Now
1/24/17 at 10:46am Andy Bain Forum post: Trumpocalypse Now
1/6/17 at 9:07am MrBananaGrabber Forum post: Trumpocalypse 2016
1/6/17 at 3:55am DamnDirtyApe Forum post: Trumpocalypse 2016
1/5/17 at 8:50pm mondguy Forum post: Trumpocalypse 2016
1/5/17 at 8:34pm Bradito Forum post: Trumpocalypse 2016
12/19/16 at 12:36pm Jones Forum post: Tired Shit
5/19/15 at 6:31am wd40 Forum post: Tired Shit
5/18/15 at 12:57pm Evi Forum post: Tired Shit
5/15/15 at 7:15am Trav McGee Forum post: Tired Shit
5/15/15 at 5:17am Virtanen Forum post: Tired Shit
5/15/15 at 3:33am TheGhost Forum post: Tired Shit
Thanks a lot man, I appreciate your honesty and fortitude.
5/15/15 at 2:06am Codename Forum post: Tired Shit
5/14/15 at 11:14pm stelios Forum post: Tired Shit
5/14/15 at 9:58pm Stale Elvis Forum post: Tired Shit
9/24/14 at 11:31pm Workyticket Forum post: Songs that are owning you right now
7/1/14 at 12:38am MrSaxon Forum post: Penny Dreadful: Showtime Victorian Horror is candy for Hammer fans
2/13/14 at 9:03am Fraid uh noman Forum post: Tired Shit
2/5/14 at 5:54pm MrTyres Forum post: Films that Broke The Circle of Trust
12/31/13 at 5:53pm Jacob Singer Forum post: Depression
Hang in there. I can't imagine walking through that minefield. Community › OzRod › OzRod's Reputation