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a classic

A Review On: Commando(1985)


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Pros: the manliest fight ever

Cons: too short

"I eat green berets for breakfast!" COMMANDO -final intense confrontation, over the top alpha male energy of the final showdown. Pure awesomeness! final intense confrontation with Bennett, discarding the guns and rocket launchers, instead a fight of strength and blades. Huge biceps, explosions and guns really bloody there is a seen where a arm gets chopped off but other than that there is throat slitting parts . Shootings. Necks slit. Chests stabbed. Arms hacked off. Explosions. Explosions. Explosions. Death testosterone dripping action fest!!
The first shot of Arnie features close-ups of his sweaty biceps as a pompous sax solo plays with steel drums. And then we meet Bennett. Australian accent, creepy mustacle, crew cut, a chain mail vest over a black t-shirt, a tight belt, black leather pants, tucked into tall black boots. He stands over Arnold caressing a giant knife as he looks over him.
Judging by the look on his face when Matrix tells him to "put the knife in me" at the end, challenging Bennet to a knife fight causes him to orgasm violently. it’s like sex with an orgasm at the end of it!

 02:01 (4 sec.) Making sure the first target is dead by shooting him again.
- 21:18 (5 sec.) John Matrix snapping Henriques's neck.
- 45:31 (14 sec.) Close up of Cooke dying whilst impaled on a table leg.
- 66:50 (1 sec.) John cutting guard's throat.
- 67:09 (2 sec.) John cutting another guard's throat.
- 67:18 (5 sec.) John killing two guards.
- 68:35 (5 sec.) John shooting two guards.
- 70:20 (4 sec.) John shooting more guards.
- 71:36 (2 sec.) John stabbing a guard with a pitchfork in the chest.
- 71:40 (6 sec.) John using an axe and a machete to dispatch two more guards.
- 79:16 (2 sec.) Bennett gets a longer electric shock.
- 79:50 (1 sec.) Pipe hitting Bennett.
- 79:55 (5 sec.) Panning shot along the pipe protruding from Bennett's chest


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