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Brainscan is a Unique Period Film

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Pros: Virtual Reality, 90s Schlock, Soundtrack

Cons: Occasionally weak digital effects

A movie like Brainscan is unique. The characters in this film only exist in the time that the movie was made. Brainscan can almost be called a period film today due to its embracing the troubled youth subculture of the early nineties. Ed Furlong of Terminator 2 is a high school student that exposes himself to large amounts of Horror, Hard Rock, and Video Games. When his obsessions become his vices, he experiences the fear of losing control of the only thing he truly possesses; himself. A sinister antagonist called The Trickster drives the plot of the movie and forces the main character (Furlong) to become either a hero or a victim. The movie is well paced and has an entertaining score/soundtrack. This film should be highly recommended to fans of Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy and admirers of Frank Langella and/or Edward Furlong.


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