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My Fan Made Movie Posters


"I wanna post them all." - myers87


My Fan Made Movie Posters is a popular CHUD message board thread created by myers87 on January 2, 2007, originally to showcase his graphic design skills by way of movie poster explorations.  It later became an ever-expanding collection of poster parodies designed by others.






Myers87's poster concepts generally tend to focus on sequels, often simply adding a number to an existing title.  For example: SCREAM 4, ALIEN 5, BAD BOYS III, and so on.  This approach, along with myers87's tendency to indulge in overused Photoshop effects (lens flares, motion blur, texturizer, etc.) and awkwardly written taglines ("What if destiny was never meant to be?") was met with mixed-to-negative reactions from many participants in the thread. 


Examples of myers87's work:









Although myers87 repeatedly asked for feedback regarding his poster art, some felt he was unresponsive to their constructive criticisms and was simply using the thread to elicit unwarranted praise. As a result, many thread participants began posting their own designs, most of which were parodies of myers87's work or style.  The first such poster was for ZYZZYX ROAD 2, by Litmus Configuration.  Others soon followed with their own posters based on seemingly absurd sequels and genre references. Eventually, those contributing their own posters would intentionally embed their designs within a message board quote, falsely attributing the work to myers87.  



Examples of poster parodies created by others:










Active participants in this thread will often riff on current events or each other with their poster designs.  Occasionally, specific themes will take hold for extended periods of time.  One popular subject matter, which generated several poster parodies over the years, were the Ewoks from RETURN OF THE JEDI.


Examples of Ewok-themed poster parodies: 









Given the controversial reaction to his work, myers87 would refrain from posting in the thread for long periods of time.  However, in his absence, myers87 became somewhat of an ironically appreciated icon for the thread, and his increasingly rare re-appearances would actually elicit positive reactions from thread participants, often equating (in jest) his return with the Second Coming.


The My Fan Made Movie Posters thread continues to thrive to this day, with nearly 2000 posts as of January 2011.




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