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How To Properly Report A Bug

What is Broken: I’m unable to post to a Forum. (this should be short & sweet)

Where Was I (include URL): ex: Http:// Note: This will be the URL at which the error takes place, or the URL where the Steps to Reproduce (see below) begin.

Browser Version/Operating System: Visit this URL: And copy/paste the results in your report.

How many times? (Number of times you saw this problem: e.g.,  only once, or it was repeatable, was it intermittent?)

Date? (when did this problem start happening, to the best of your knowledge)

Steps to Reproduce (each step you took, even if it seems unrelated or obvious, put it in a list like this):
I logged into my account
I clicked on forum in the header
I visited the “foo” forum
I clicked on the “foo plus banana” thread title
I clicked on page 5
I quoted “username”’s post
I typed in the quick reply box at the bottom of the screen
I added a video from Youtube (here’s the Video:
I clicked “reply”
I just got a spinning icon on the screen
I went back into the forum thread, but did not see my post



Expected: Tell us what you expected to happen.

Screenshot: A picture really is worth a thousand words sometimes.

"I don't know how to make a screenshot!"  BAM:



Ideally, you would post this in the Posting Bugs thread in exactly this format, so it will be easy for me to read and test and pass long concisely to Huddler.  We're listenin' gang!

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