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2.3.11 - Unknown Medium T-Shirt (Winner: Tim Pederson, David Cooper)

2.4.11 - Hall Pass Swag (Winner: Benway)

2.8.11 - Grim Reaper: End of Days advance reading copy (Winner: Rene Rangel)

2.9.11 - Dr. Who  - A Christmas Carol BLU-RAY (Winner: TBD)

2.15.11 - Rifftrax DVDs (Winner: Bachmelle)

3.21.11 - bubbatwo420 (Winner: Next Three Days DVD)

3.22.11 - GQ on the EQ (Mechanic Shirt)

3.23.11 - Tim Pederson (Badlands Comic)

3.24.11 - Relaxing Dragon (Source Code)

3.25.11 - Cinemactik (Art of Sucker Punch)


3.28.11 - The Prankster (Dollhouse S1)

3.29.11 - Kiraisjustice (Weeds)

3.30.11 - Scott Bishop (Mechanic Hat)

3.31.11 - Smashed Hat (Doctor Who)


4.4.11 - Dlkktak3 (30 Rock)

4.4.11 - Clarence Boddicker (Top Gear)

4.5.11 - AtomicPorpoise (House of the Devil)

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Sounds like a great way to get more traffic to the site!  Here's my tweet:!/fronsdal
2.3 Winner. Both. Screw it. Guys, email your mailing address to
New day, new chance to win. Maybe we'll get more than 2 entries.
We're friends on facebook Nick, so you shouldn't have trouble viewing my profile.!/GuiltyTraceXBL  
I also retweeted the Star Wars article.!/RealJoeMitchell
Hall Pass Swag would be nice :)
Done... Let me know about those Atlanta passes
Here we are .....what's up CHUD?
No post today or yesterday? CHUD is the best!
*still the best!!!
I'd love to get my hands on Grim Reaper. Here's my tweet:!/MrBrandonMarcus/status/35146614058254337 Community › Articles › Daily Prize Wiki