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Bruce Wayne

Modern Era Bruce Wayne loves your posts.




Old Bruce Wayne wants to stab you in the face for using emoticons.





First appearance Detective Comics #27
(May 1939)


In August of 2007, Nick started a thread entitled You Guys Are Good At Photoshop, Right? His intent was to commission an all-purpose image that could be posted to signify the "death" of a thread (due to derailing or pointless gag posting) without further degrading the discourse through personal insults. Although this request fell under some suspicion, several members dutifully submitted potential images, some NSFW. The acknowledged winner of this informal competition was submitted by Brad Millette; an unaltered screencap of a glowering Old Bruce Wayne, as seen in the TV series Batman Beyond. The image has since become inactive.


The active life of the Old Bruce meme was relatively short, and appears to have met its end in December of 2007 in the thread The People Vs. Luke Skywalker, in which it was modified multiple times to depict a progressively deteriorating Bruce:


Fig. 1



Fig. 2



Fig. 3


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